IWriteStories The Time I Got Reincarnated Into A Game World
This story is about a person called Jeff. He always hears people talking about a myth that a lot of peoplet's in his town actually believes in. Going into a Game World. He wanted to test the myth. The game you had to leave on was Final Destroyers 5 meanwhile you sleep. Jeff made the worst decision in his life trying this, and now he is in a different world.
Nick_R_Hembrom Warriors of the Hilton
“ On?the day when the black moon is full in the sky, she is the only swordmen left enough energy to fight.?She took her stand, with the sword in hand she finally jumped.?Her?tales?of sprit remembered long as in blooming decades.?She?is?possible one who can?admire?her?beauty?within her?heart.?Probably?she?won?the?game. "
Fishycreator The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Ferron is a smart university student but the only thing that brings down his great looks is his low self-esteem and his laziness. One day on a bright sunny day, Ferron was relaxing on a park bench enjoying the suns rays for the first time in quite a while. An escaped patient from a mental health hospital suddenly stabbed him causing his death. As Ferron stood over his own body in disbelief a dark figure...

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